What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free blogging system written in PHP and powered by MySQL. It places a great deal of emphasis on being easy to use, generating standards-compliant HTML and CSS, and being easy to extend and customize.
How do I get and install WordPress?

Visit the main WordPress Website for download links and installation instructions.
What is a WordPress theme?

One of the coolest aspects of WordPress is its ability to change the look and feel of your blog in a very quick and painless manner. A particular look and feel is called a theme, and WordPress allows you to download, install, and switch between themes really easily.
How do I use a WordPress theme from this site?

First, you need to install the theme. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Download the theme .RAR file to your computer (eg. bluemoon.rar).
2. Unzip the theme .RAR file. Make sure your unzipping application retains the original folder structure present within the .RAR file otherwise you may run into problems.
3. Using an FTP client, connect to your web server and create a folder with the name of theme (eg. orangeleaf/) in the wp-content/themes/ folder provided by WordPress.
4. Upload all of the unzipped theme’s files to the folder you just created on your web server (eg. wp-content/themes/bluemoon/).

Now that the theme is installed, you can tell WordPress to use it by following these steps:

1. Log in to your WordPress administration area.
2. Click on Presentation.
3. Click on the theme you just installed.
4. View your blog to see the newly installed theme in action.

Are these WordPress themes really free?

Yes, completely free :) See the license page for more information.
Who is responsible for this site?

Me :) Crea Media also helps out.
Who made all of these themes?

All WordPress themes on my site are 100% original works created by me, though a handful are based on designs originally contributed to my other site by Crea Media.
Some of these themes are templates from Free CSS Templates but you didn’t credit that site! What’s going on?

Crea Media and this site, Free WP Themes, are both projects of mine. Some of my templates on FCT just happen to work well as WordPress Themes, so I went ahead and converted them to themes for this site.

For help with the free WordPress themes on my site, or for general questions or comments about my site, feel free to contact.

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