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After our first set of free wordpress themes and complete makeover of our custom wordpress theme design serviceDesignSaurus to StudioWordpress; we decided to release a premium theme and in order to ensure that we keep things nice for our beloved readers we further decided to give it away for free! from

We hereby present to you StudioWordpress Premiere! Isn’t that a nice name to premiere things ?

What are the features of StudioWordpress Premiere ?

StudioWordpress Premiere is a wonderful theme with wonderful options (I hear someone say Narcissist!) and the best part of this theme is that more than 90% of it’s options can be configured from it’s options page itself. Here are some of the features of StudioWordpress Premiere -

1. Proper Feedburner integration & focus on improving readership : By proper Feedburner integration we mean that when you specify your Feedburner address in the options, then at all the places (autodiscovery, RSS button) the feed address becomes that Feedburner address. Apart from that you can also specify the Feed ID and the Email Subscription form will start working too! So you don’t need to play with the code at all.

All these things will ensure that reader gets enough options of subscribing to your blog. Another feature which you’ll love is that at end of every post, it will display a message “Enjoyed this article? Subscribe to our RSS Feeds!” so as to help you in increasing the readership.

2. Right Focus on the content : StudioWordpress Premiere ensure that your best posts get maximum exposure and that’s why we’ve ensured that the users are shown Latest, Featured and Popular post right at the top of the blog posts. The tabs are powered by Javascript and that ensure that in minimum space more posts get the exposure.

3. Advertising Ready : The theme is advertising ready and lets you put 125×125 ad images pretty easily. You just need to specify the image path and the URL and it works like a charm.

4. Multiple Colors for different moods : As a blogger myself, I understand that how monotonous it starts to look when you see the same theme everyday on your blog. However, with StudioWordpress Premiere you won’t have to face that problem. It comes with two more variations Green & Red! So, whenever you start to get bored with one look, you can always move over to the next one.

Green Variation

Brick Variation

5. Packed with plugins : The beauty of WordPress is that it has got many wonderful plugins and we believe that some of them should be part of WordPress’ default installation itself. Anyway, that’s not the case, so we decided to pack those plugins with this theme and ensured that they run out of the box. So, Upload the plugins and activate them and you don’t need to change a single code to see them work on your blog!

The plugins which we have included with this theme and have integrated are -

1. Similar Posts.
2. Share This
3. FeedCount
4. PageNavi

6. Other important & useful features : There are many things which go in a theme by default and are generally not focused by bloggers however these small things play an important role in the functionality and look of the theme and we’ve taken care of them in this theme.

Right balance of text spacing and fonts, Placement of search box, 404 error page, Widget ready, Highlighted Author comments etc.

7. Different Layout for different needs : We’ve included 4 different layouts in this theme to ensure that you get to choose the kind of layout you want. Here’s how the layouts will look -

Default Look Demo

Variation 1 of StudioWordpress Premiere

Variation 2 of StudioWordpress Premiere

Variation 3 of StudioWordpress Premiere

There is a ReadMe file included with the theme to take you through the initial set of questions and if you have an specific requirement or if you are looking for support then feel free to ask the questions in our Forum. To get notified about future updates and releases of our free and premium wordpress themes, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feeds.

Buy This Theme -

Single User License - As this theme is our first release on StudioWordpress, so we decided to keep it for free for our readers. You can download the theme from here.

Developer License ($199) $99 - If you are going to use this theme for various projects then you will need to buy the developer license and you’ll be allowed to remove the credit link from the footer. As this is our first release, we are giving a huge discount of $ 100 from the developer license too.

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