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in Wordpress Themes March 5th, 2009

This nice clean theme is compatible with WordPress 2.7, ready for threaded comments come with WP 2.7, and tested on various major web browsers. Besides the integration of widely used function PageNavi, we add a brand new funtion to this theme - Quotable Commentary! With this funtion you can select any part of the article, quote it and reply, by just one click! Haven’t got what we are talking about? Try this out through the demo now.

There’s a self-introduction block which is editable, just open the about-me.php with your favorite text editor, and fill in your introduction text. This theme is also ready for ads. Here’s how to customize your advert field: You just open the ads.php with your favorite text editor, change the image location and the hyperlinks follow the inline commentary, note that the ad size should be 125×125. Congratulations! You’re done buddy!

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