Portfolio Mag Wordpress Theme

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Portfolio Mag Wordpress Theme

Our latest premium theme is called PortfolioMag - and the best part is: It’s Free! PortfolioMag can be used to show off your work (web design, photography etc.) but it can be used as a news site, magazine etc.

Some of theme features:
-Custom logo
-Featured designs box
-Two post columns
-Post thumbnails
-Widgetized and attractive sidebar
-Recent designs
-Most popular designs
-Ad ready
-Auto thumbnail resizing

…and many more!
!!-How to post featured posts-!!
1. Create featured posts category.
2. Note the id of that category.
4. Open index.php file from raffamag folder in your favorite editor, change the cat number to the ID of your featured posts category in this line:
<?php query_posts(”&cat=1″); ?>
5. In index.php find this line:
<?php query_posts(”&showposts=6&cat=-1″); ?>
6. Replace cat number with the featured category ID as well. Don’t remove the -.
7. To post featured image in custom fields use key “featured” (without the quotes) and in value field post url to your image). The height and width of the image should be around 500×200px.

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